Ephemeral Moments

“Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” is a game wherein someone names a celebrity and players attempt to find the shortest way to connect them with Kevin Bacon; the amount of stops in between is that celebrity’s “Bacon Number.” For example, Mark Ruffalo was in “In the Cut” with Bacon, so his number is one. Paul McCartney has a Bacon Number of two: Phil Collins was an extra in the Beatles movie “A Hard Day’s Night,” then went on to appear in “Balto” with Bacon. My own is three: in 2014 I met musician Alejandro Rose-Garcia, who was in “Shorts” with William H. Macy, who was in “Murder in the First” with Bacon. The list goes on, with most numbers falling in the two-to-three range.

Although the game tends to get boring after about ten minutes, I’ve found myself fixated on the idea whenever I’m out of the house: if correlations between any given person and Kevin Bacon are so omnipresent, then what links me with that woman waiting for the bus? Her and the kids skateboarding in the park? Just as my objective might be getting a bottle of wine or shopping for a new TV, everyone has their own aspirations and stories to tell. The infinite potential for connection is mind-boggling. We are all unique, but our stories have never existed in a vacuum. 

“Ephemeral Moments” seeks to build on this idea, to forge those connections; each story exists on the periphery of the one before, though is not bound by its narrative. Everyone has a private universe inside their head, their own little corners of the world that resonate together in unexpected ways. Everything is fleeting, and everything matters.

The Author

Chase Boisjolie is a writer and teacher from California. He has a bachelor’s in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of California, San Diego. His work seeks to explore the absurd in the idiosyncratic, the beauty in the mundane. Chase’s poetry has been featured in A Literation and The Ignation magazines. He moved to Vancouver, Canada, in the spring of 2018 where he now teaches English as a second language. 

Throughout 2019, Chase co-authored a short fiction project, Cross-Stitch, with fellow writer Amber Gallant. Their work can be read at https://cross-stitch.blog/

Cover art by Carli Boisjolie. You can see more of her work at https://www.carliboisjolie.com/